Paper & Sequins

paper and sequins gift tag shaker card

The saying "I was going to take over the world...and then I saw something sparkly" is perfect for me.  I love all things sparkly, shiny and glittery.  My love for sequins is some kind of serious and I'm sure there are many that feel the same!

These little card/sequins packs are fabulous for lots of occasions.  Each card is hand packaged and a heaping teaspoon of sequins are lovingly added. 

Add a gift card and reseal the bag and you have the perfect gift!  Tie them to your packages and give your gifts a little sparkle!  These sweet little packs are also perfect to buy for yourself if you just need some sequins on hand for crafting or for sprinkling into your outgoing mail.  Yes, sequins make mail so much happier!   Sprinkle them on your table when decorating for special occasions or just keep them in a little jar on your desk.  I promise you're desk will make you happier if it has sprinkles on it!!  Pin the card to your bulletin board or prop it up somewhere that is in need of a little sparkle.  Use them in your planner or use them in your Bible!  Just leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

The backs of the cards are blank so you can also write a note on the back and then reseal the clear bag.   They make great little note cards and gift tags!