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I’m Karen, the girl behind PaperDoll Designs.  My love of pretty paper, polka dots, plaid and all sorts of patterns along with A LOT of caffeine led me to create this little business that I love.   I believe I was created to create and have found my happy place here in this little corner of the internet.

PaperDoll Designs is for YOU...the happy mail sender, the planner lover, the list maker, the gift giver, the Bible journaler, the organizational junkie, and of course, the monogram enthusiast.

At PaperDoll Designs, I believe in making others happy. I believe that the perfect combination of colors, patterns, and monograms (and a side of sequins) can put a smile on anyone’s face. PaperDoll Designs exists to bring happiness to your life through personalized products that promote faith, organization, and gift giving.  My mission is to bring you joy and give God the glory and the glitter by creating personalized and colorful designs that will make your heart skip a beat.   

When I’m not making paper pretty you might find me…

Opening ANOTHER Diet Dr. Pepper, admiring my sequins collection, walking the aisles of Target,  spray painting something that stood still too long, eating guacamole, listening to country music, starting a book that I probably won’t finish, organizing my closet, daydreaming about the perfect house with a pink door or piled on the couch with my party of five watching Marvel movies.

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